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Personal Wellness and Beauty Spa
at Tico WInd Surf and Kite Center and Casa de Helena

Helena's signature massage is an exotic mixture of Helena's 25 years plus of study and practice in relaxing and therapeutic technique. Enchanting soft music plays as your muscles are rubbed out with warm river stones which are then left to deeply penetrate your back muscles while your legs and feet are being worked on. Each massage is personalized to the needs of the individual. It is usually a combination of Esalen, Swedish, Thai, Deep Tissue, Accupressure for the feet and hands finished up with deeply refreshing Reiki and Healing Qigong. People have flown from Paris for this massage. Can we say more?

Jungle Facial
Helena hikes once a year deep in to the jungle to a secret place below a volcano to gather a very special clay for this facial. Though she has tried clays from all over the world so far none can compare to this special volcano clay.
The facial begins with steam of fresh green tea followed by creamy sugar scrub for exfoliation. Next is Traditional Shiatsu facial lifting massage with wild jungle honey. Then the magic mask is applied and while you relax your hands, neck and shoulders are deeply massaged. When the clay is dry it is removed with steamy green tea and followed by a second exfoliation , cool rinse, and finishing with fresh picked Aloe Vera. This facial is often requested also with back massage.

The yoga taught is classical Ashtanga yoga. Classes are generally 1 to 1 1l2 hour

(pronounced Chi Gong) is an ancient Chinese technique for deeply relaxing and refreshing the body mind and spirit.

Techniques taught are
Organ Cleansing and Strengthening Series, Five Treasures for gathering energy, Traditional Tibetan Meditation Form for deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Holistic Health Nutritional Consultation
Also available during your stay health assessment by iridology and clinical nutritional guidelines to assist you to become the best you can be on all levels. Body, mind and spirit.