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Please call upfront or e-mail to make a reservation for kite classes !!!

Initial body dragging is done with Student and instructor attached by means of a leash. When the student is “solo” the instructor is still able to communicate with the student via radio. In the event the student cannot return to shore the rescue jet ski is ready to go at a moments.

Complete beginner kite course 9 hours $590

>> Part I
Safety: how a kite flies, how to set-up a kite, understanding your safety system, launching and flying a kite on land.
  Kiteinstructor explains flying a kite on land
>> Part II
controlling the kite while body dragging, water re-launch, landing the kite while swimming, one handed kite control, up-wind body dragging, board recovery
  Kiteinstructor body dragging with the student
>> Part III
controlling board and kite, feet in straps, water start, first rides
  Costa Rica Kite classes. Kiteinstructor explains how to put the feet inthe starp and to conrol the board